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Japan Hello Kids International school, Tokyo and Yokohama campus


Hello Kids International School, Tokyo and Yokohama campus

Here at Hello Kids International School, Tokyo and Yokohama campus, we pride ourselves on bringing together a combination of foreign and Japanese children, within a high quality, all-English teaching environment.

From this intercultural mix, children can build lasting memories with new friends, a strong command of English and increase their understanding of both Western and Japanese culture through the many events and activities we practice within our curriculum. A child's lessons are learnt every day, whether walking to the supermarket, playing at the park or interacting with friends. Joining us at Hello Kids will allow your child to not only build confidence in English, but also confidence in themselves, and a general tolerance to all societies. We look forward to hearing from you to explain further how the benefits of joining Hello Kids can truly enrich your child's growth.


Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, impulsive learners. We want each student to learn at their own pace. We make adjustments for each student to provide a learning environment that best suits their individual needs. We believe that this is what makes us different. We hope to make a lifelong difference in our students.


Our afternoon classes offer the same teaching style as our Preschool, with the added focus on verbal communication. We feel it is so important for our student's confidence if they are able to express themselves initially through voice, then through reading and writing. Our English preschool classes include a focus on circle time, song time, worksheets and story time. Through this system students can develop a true sense of the language's depth, always kept fun, always kept exciting!

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Telephone 03-5842-5811
Contact Greg Selfe
Address (Tokyo campus) MIYAMOTO BUILDING 1F 5-36-2 Kishikawa, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, JAPAN
City Tokyo
Country Japan
Type Of Business International English Kindergarten & Preschool
Hours Of Operation 10:30 - 18:30
Days Closed Sunday
Categories Education - Language and Culture

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Last Updated: 2018/08/24

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